Sam Goodwin – I have started to appreciate and focus on what my body can do and not just about what’s on the scales or how I look.

I have spent the whole of my adult life going between a huge range of different gyms, trainers, diets and weight loss gimmicks but ending in the same way, with me losing interest or motivation and then moving on to the next craze.

With me always participating in some form of physical activity I believed I had a good level of fitness, that was until my first session with Tina and Josh, then I realized the only person I was kidding was myself.

I had moved away from family and friends in Cheshire to be with Kevin my partner, but within 3 months of being here he was posted overseas leaving me very lonely and with a whole lot of spare time. He had initially stirred my interest in CrossFit while watching the 2015 games and I have read stories on how overweight and unfit people had turned into super fit, lean athletes and how it had improved their overall wellbeing.

Was it the right move for me? DAMN right it was!! Nearly a year on and I am still loving every moment. I have gained a real love for strength work and I have started to appreciate and focus on what my body can do and not just about what’s on the scales or how I look.

Since starting on my CrossFit journey my whole mindset on Fitness and food have changed massively and all for the better. Josh and Tina have taught me how to look after my body, I’ve learnt that lifting weights doesn’t make you bulky, it in fact makes you stronger and Leaner and even though it has taken a while I’ve learnt how to switch on and engage muscles I didn’t even know I had.

Even when breaking my ankle Josh and Tina knew how important it was for me to continue to train and have the gym community around me. So, with each stage of leg cast, crutches and walking boot they tailored my training and supported me every hop of the way. They are the first coaches to be brave enough to tell me NO and give me a good talking to, to ensured I kept myself safe and healed well. Due to this, I have gained a lot more upper body strength, I have kept my level of mobility and technic and most importantly my sanity.

The community at Fortitude is amazing and it what makes training each day fun, if it was wasn’t for the community and the truly amazing friends I have made at Fortitude then I would have packed up and been back up North within the month. You never leave a session without a smile on your face and on those days you need an extra push the Fortitude family are there to support and motivate you.

I may not be that super fit, lean athlete just yet! But I can lift properly, my movements are controlled and I have gained the best bunch of friends you could ask for.

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