Week Commencing 01/05/17

Monday – Bank Holiday

Strength and Conditioning

Deadlift x 8 /w Deadbugs x20 (x4)

Push Press x8 /w SA DB Row x12 (x4)

Palloff Press x12 (Each side) /w Half Kneeling Shoulder Press x10 (x3)



60s on 15 off  x 2 rounds

Bike, Ski, Row, Sled push

Team WOD

In a team of 3


Calories Assault Bike


Air squats

(40 minute Cap)



Strict Press 5-5-3-3-2 /w Hanging Knee Raises x12

RDL x8 /w Tuck Ups x12 (x3)


90s on 60s off x 5 – 200m Run + Max down ups

Strength and Conditioning

RDL x10 /w Hanging Knee Raises x12 (x4)

DB Step ups x8 EL /w Planche Hold x45s (x3)

Single Kb Press x8 (Each side) /w Tuck Ups x10 (x3)

10 Minutes Ascending reps in partners


Calories (100m Farmers Carry between each set)



‘Midweek madness’

20 rounds 1 Minute on 1 minute Off

Rounds 1-10 – 5 down ups + Max cal Ski

Rounds 10-20 – 8 KBS 24/16 + Max cal Bike

Strength and Conditioning

Single KB Lunges x8 (Each Leg) /w Walkouts x5 (x3)

Single Arm Kneeling Banded Lat Pull down x12 (Each Side) /w Inchworms x8 (x3)

Reverse Crunches x6-8 /w Push ups x 6(x3)


60s on 60s off x6

Alternate Bike-Row



EMOM x10 – 2 Power cleans + Power Jerk (Start at 60%)

Pull  Ups x 6-12 /w Ring Dips x6-12 /w Reverse Crunches x 8-10 (x3)


8 rounds 200m run for time = Work:Rest ratio

Strength and Conditioning

Deadlift x10 /w Single Arm DB floor Press x8 (Each side) (x3)

DB Push Press x8 /w Hanging Knee Raises x12 (x4)

100m Farmers carry /w Banded Crunches x10 (x3)

Capacity – Partners – 10 minutes 16 Cals + 16 Plate GTOH

Fortitude Barbell Club

A)Power Snatch from hang: (95%/1)x5

B) Power Clean from hang: (95%/1)x5

C) Jerk: 10 singles starting at 90%

D) Clean Deadlift: Add +2-3% or 2-5kg over last weeks 5RM  then 90% 3×5

E) 1 BB + 1 Abs 3×12



EMOM x 10

Min 1: 3 Bar Muscle Ups

Min 2: 2L KB Front Rack Lunges

EMOM x 10

Min 1: 5 HSPU

Min 2: – 5-10 TTB

EMOM x 12

Min 1: – 150-200m run

Min 2 :- 6-10 Double KB clean and Jerks

Min 3: – 15-20 Wall Balls

Min 4: – 10-15 Cal ABike

Strength and Conditioing

Back Squat x 8 /w Banded Bridges x15 (x4)

Bent Over row x10 /w Push ups x6 (x3)

Banded Crunches x10 (x4)

Capacity – As a pair perform 4 minutes on each station – Bike, Sled, Tyre Farmers Carry


Fortitude Barbell Club

A) Snatch: 10 singles starting at 90%

B) Clean + Jerk: 10 singles starting at 90%

C) Front squat:  5RM  then 90% 3×5

D) 1 BB + 1 Abs

Team WOD

Two teams of 6…

40 Minute AMRAP 100 Cal Row 80 Wall Balls 60 DB snatches 40 Pull ups 20 DB Thrusters  600m Sled Push

1 team member must always be running 400m

1 Team Member must be completing max cal A bike

2 Team Members must be Holding 1x 24/16KG KB at all times

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