Daisy B – This is not just a gym.

Before, I was always a regular gym goer, I went through the fads of spin classes, HIT type sessions, but never truly committed to anything. I viewed fitness as more of a chore that I had to do to feel good about myself which was coupled with guilt if I didn’t go.

I met Josh at my previous gym where he led some of the fitness classes I attended. He was always so keen to chat and suggest different methods of training/help out outside of these classes too. He had always talked about this “Crossfit” class and given his enthusiasm about it, I was very keen to give it a go.

When he told me about Crossfit coming to Lydney, I went to the open day with a friend and we were both very apprehensive about the weights, whether we would like it, and whether it was worth the price -all doubts vanished rapidly! We were made to feel totally welcome from day one no matter what our ability/age/sex was. Everyone was starting somewhere different, but all viewed equally. The level of team spirit and encouragement that was shown by all, to every individual, whether stranger (which never lasts) or friend was unparalleled to any team or individual sport I’ve ever partaken in. So far so, I’ve even felt the confidence to turn up to one to Crossfit classes in different countries, speaking foreign languages and been welcomed into the group for the single sessions I am there – the community exists worldwide!

From dancing for 15 years, and attending the gym regularly, I had never seen physical definition on my body that would indicate I was physically fit or strong. After just a few months my body had changed somewhat for the better, yes I had put on weight from increased muscle but overall, I was a lot leaner. Now, I would never consider losing weight as a sign of being fitter as I know I have never been fitter in my life, and probably never weighed as heavy. Previously, my exercise had revolved around wanting to look good, that has now changed dramatically for the positive.  Although I appreciate the physical changes, my goals are no longer aesthetic but about being physically capable, whether this is to learn new skills like a muscle up or be able to lift heavier weights.

Not only have I benefitted physically  but there is such a feel good mentality after a training session from both the self-satisfaction and the team/encouraging environment. I no longer feel guilty if I miss a session at the gym, just genuinely miss the positive feeling I get from training – especially after a stressful day at work.

The level of genuine care for each individual’s goals that is shown by Josh is more than you could expect from a personal trainer, but in a group training environment. This is not just a gym.

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