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Week Commencing 17/04/17

Sunday + Monday

Fortifit + Strength and Conditioning + Barbell

For time :

Consume as much Easter chocolate as possible and refuse to feel guilty for it.




6-6-6-6 Strict Press (build up)

EMOM x10

Min 1- 50% Ring Dips, box dips Strict Push ups.

Min 2 Chin ups, Ring support chin ups, ring rows


10-8-6-4-2-4-6-8-10  KB Swings 32/24

200m Run between each set

Strength and Conditioning

Back squat x6 /w Banded Lat Pull downs x12 (x4)

Push Press x6 /w Arch Holds x30-45s (x3)

Pallof Press x12 /w Overhead Plate Holds x30-45s (x3)


Partners – 12 minutes

Partner A – performs 100m Farmers Carry while Partner B performs max calorie Bike/Row/ski



‘Mid week burnout’

EMOM x 30

1- 200-250m row

2- 15-20 Wall Balls

3- 50-100m OH Plate Carry

4- Max GTOH 50/35

5- Rest

Strength and Conditioning

Deadlifts x8 /w Single Arm Floor Press x12 (x4)

SA DB Row x8 /w Split Squats x6-8 EL (x3)

Push ups x10 /w Deadbugs x20 (x3)


2 rounds

Min – 1 Air Bike

Min 2 – Ski Erg

Min 3 – Row

Min 4 – Rest



E2MOM x10 Hang snatch x2 (70%ish)

E2MOM x10 2 +1 Power clean + Jerk (75%ish)


8 Minute AMRAP

15 Down ups

10 Box Jump Overs

5 DB thrusters

Strength and Conditioning

Good Mornings x10 /w Bodyweight walking Lunges x2L (x3)

Ring supported Pull Ups x5 /w Seated DB Press x12 (x4)

Planche Hold  x30-45s /w Tuck ups x12 (x3)


Complete 4 Rounds

30s-1 minute plank

50m Suitcase Carry (Each arm)

12 InchWorms

Fortitude Barbell

Power Clean + Clean : (75%/1+1) x5

Push Press: 5RM then -10% for 3×5

Back squat:  5RM then -10% for 3×5

1 Bodybuilding + 1 abs 3×12



Floor Press 5-5-3-3-1

Pendlay Row 3×5

/w Banded Crunches x8-10


4 rounds

3 minutes on 1 off



10 TTB

30 Double Unders

Strength and Conditioning

Split squats x8 EL /w Walkouts x6-8 (x3)

Db Shoulder Press x12 /w Inverted Rows x 6 (x4)

100m Farmers Carry /w 60s Plank (x3)


Partners 45s on 45s off

2 rounds


Ski Erg

Tyre Flips



Fortitude Barbell

Power snatch from hang: 85%x2 (x5)

Power clean from hang: 85%x2 (x5)

Split jerks – 20 singles, first 10 reps must be no more than 80%, you can continue up after.

Clean Deadlift: 5RM then -10% for 2×5

Team WOD

Teams of 3

On a 40 minute timer

Minutes 0-12


15 Tyre Flips

15 DB Thrusters

15 Burpees to target

E2MOM – Stop and perform 10 Air squats each

On Minute 12-20

Each team member must perform a 250m Row or 15 Cal Assault Bike

Then AMRAP in remaining time

6 GTOH 45/30

18 KBS 24/16


On minute 20-40


200m Relay run

100m Relay Overhead Plate Carry

30 TTB

30 Box jump Overs

30 Wall Balls







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