Week Commencing 10/04/17



Strength – Deadlift 3RM


10 min AMRAP,

5 strict chin ups, 10 tuck Ups 1 length walking lunges


Complete 4 rounds – rest as needed 10 cal assault bike, 200m Row

Strength and conditioning

Back Squat x8 /w SA DB Row x10 (Each arm) (x3)

Banded Glute Bridges  x20 /w Banded Good Mornings x15 (x3)

Seated DB Shoulder Press x12 /w Bent Hollow Body Hold x30s /w Waiter Walks x30s Each side (x4)

Capacity –

3 rounds 45s on 15s Off






  1. Snatch from hang above the knee: 3RM
  2. Clean from hang below the knee: 3RM
  3. Push Press: 50%/5, 60%/3,  continue up to +2-5kg (or 3%) over last week’s top weight for 10 reps then -10% for 10 reps 3 sets
  4. Back squat: 50%/3, 60%/3, 70%/1,  continue up to +2-5kg (or 3%) over last week’s top weight for 10 reps then -10% for 10 reps 3 sets
  5. 1x Abs 3×10



EMOM x12  – 2 Split Jerks start at 70% build up.

EMOM x10 min

1) 50% HSPU, Strict Push ups

2) 50% TTB


Partners 15 Minute AMRAP

12 DB Snatches, 20 Wall Balls, 30 TTB

Strength and conditioning

Deadlift x8 /w Half Kneeling DB Shoulder Press each Arm x10  (x5)

Ring Supported Pull Ups/Ring Rows x8 /w Planche x30s (x3)


Partners complete 4 rounds each

A) 50m Suitcase carry in each arm

B) Max Calories on Bike, Ski, Row




‘Mid-week Burnout’

E2MOM x36 Minutes

1 – 200m Run + 10 Down ups

2-  20-25 Cal Assault Bike

3- 100m Farmers Carry

Strength and Conditioning

DB Walking Lunges x2L /w Push Ups x8  (x3)

Bent Over Rows x12 /w Waiter Walks x50m (x3)

Palloff Press x12 /w Hollow Snaps x8 (x3)

Capacity – Partners 30s on 30s off, 3 minutes on each Station

1- Assault bike 2- Row 3- Ski Erg 4- Slam Balls



E2MOM x10 – 1 Snatch pull + 2 snatch  start at 50% build up

E2MOM x10 –  1 T+G Power Clean  3×12 banded lat pull downs and tuck ups

7 Minute Timer

3 Power Cleans + Ascending reps on Bar Hop burpees, 3,6,9,12 between each set.

Strength and Conditioning

RDL x12 /w Banded Face Pulls x12 (x4)

DB Step ups x8 EL /w Planche Hold x45s (x3)

Ring Rows x8 /w Hanging Knee Raises/Lying Knee Riases x12 (x3)

Capacity 10 Minutes in pairs ,

12 calories on any equipment, then performa a 100m Overhead Plate Carry between each round.


Power Clean + Push press: work up to a maximum single

Power Snatch: work up to a maximum single

Jerk: 15 singles starting at 80% every 90s.

Clean Deadlift: Up to +2-5kg (or 3%) over last week’s top weight for 10 reps then -10% for 10 reps 3 sets



Floor Press 5-5-5,

Penally rows 3×6,

Seated DB Strict press x5 /w Banded straight arm pull downs x12


12 Minute AMRAP

3 Bar Muscle Ups 6 HSPU 12 Box Jump Overs

Strength and Conditioning

Single KB Front rack Squats x10 (Each side) /w Walkouts x6 (x4)

Walking Lunges 3x2L /w SA DB Rows x10 (Each arm) (x3)

Banded Crunchies x12 (x3)

Capacity – In pairs 2 minutes on each station, 30s off x 2 rounds

Plate GTOH, Slam Balls, Tyre Flips, Ski Erg



Snatch: 15 singles starting at 80% every 90s

Clean + Jerk: 15 singles starting at 80% every 90s

Front squat : Up to +2-5kg (or 2-4%) over last week’s top weight for 5 reps then -10% for 5 reps 2 sets

Team WOD

On 35 minute timer As a Team of 3 complete Ascending Reps 3,6,9,12 Of the following,

Power Clean, Front Squat STOH – 50/35

Between each completed set of reps perform a 100m KB Waiter Walk and 15 Cals on Bike Ski or Rower

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